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Mastery Bridges

The Mastery Bridge is a completely new bridge design specifically made to replace the OEM Fender Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Mustang, Bass VI, Jag-Stang and Bigsby-equipped Telecaster bridges, and now – the Standard Tele bridge.

Problems with your stock Fender bridge? You’re not alone. The Mastery Bridge eliminates the buzzing associated with previous saddle designs. Your strings won’t fall out of their grooves – no matter how hard you play. The new post design along with Mastery’s unique saddle design has a dramatic effect on the transfer of string-to-body energy, giving your guitar much greater resonance that you’ll even hear acoustically. AND THAT’S JUST THE START. Check out their specs page to learn more, and see why veteran offset users such as Nels Cline & Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, Elvis Costello, Thurston Moore & Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, as well as thousands of others are now using the Mastery Bridge.

The patented Mastery Bridge was designed by a professional luthier from Minneapolis, MN. Each bridge is crafted in Minneapolis using the highest quality, non-corrosive materials.