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Lotus Pedal Designs

Every guitarist has their own tone, be it totally unique or inspired by a favorite guitarist. A musician's best tools are his ears, and Lotus have been using their ears to find incredible tone for 20 years, both as a musician and as a recording/live sound engineer. They've spent a decade as a tech for Crane Song LTD, a boutique pro audio manufacturer, learning how to design a circuit with excellent tonal characteristics.

Over this time, Lotus bought a lot of boutique effects pedals, looking for something with unbelievable tone and coming up empty.  They decided to stop looking and start building. In 2009, They started designing their own circuits. Now Lotus offers a full line of pedals with killer tone, with more in the works.

Keep it simple.

Lotus Pedals are designed to be simple, because you want to keep your focus on playing guitar, not fiddling with your gear. Turn the knobs, find a tone that suits your style, and play. It's as easy as that.

Listen for yourself.

You can watch some demo videos for all the Lotus pedals on their YouTube channel.