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FOXGEAR had its inception in late 2017, as a joint venture between two renowned Italian brands Gurus and Baroni-Lab. This mutually beneficial venture allows both companies to achieve goals that would have been difficult to achieve separately.

Ugo Baroni is a talented electronical engineer, who started building pedals and tube amps when he was a kid. After more than 25 years of experience and research trying to applying new technologies to catch the soul of the beloved vintage sounds, he developed his production skills until having today his own production factory in China, where he lives and works with passion.  Mr. Baroni is in the factory every day, researching and meticulously developing products with a professional team of international guys and engineers ton ensure production quality to top standards.

Chicco Bellini is a brilliant and well-respected manager who has brought his Gurus brand to the top of the music industry and instituted distribution in more than 40 countries worldwide.  Mr. Bellini has as well developed close working relationships with the biggest artists in the music business, and has earned numerous high-profile awards from the most significant critics and publications in the music industry. Being a musician, Chicco developed the art of translate a need into a product, and works closely with Ugo to the fine tuning of sound and features of their products.