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Disaster Area Designs

Disaster Area Designs began unofficially in 2010, when engineer Matthew Farrow designed and built a MIDI controller to operate his Line 6 M9 pedal.  In a few months, Matthew was sending do-it-yourself circuit board kits all over the world for adventurous players to build their own controllers.  By early 2011, the DMC-2, DMC-4, and DMC-6 Disaster MIDI controllers were available for the M9 and M13 pedals.

When Strymon released their flagship Timeline delay pedal, Disaster Area took up the challenge to design a compact MIDI controller to expand its capabilities.  The DMC-3 was born.  Disaster Area has expanded its range of controllers to offer many custom options, including firmware for a wide variety of pedals and rack units.

Disaster Area Designs is located in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina.